Just vs only : Penggunaannya dalam kalimat


membedakan sebuah kata yang memiliki kemiripan kadangkala menyulitkan dan membuat kita bingung penggunaannya, apakah ini atau itu. Sering terjadi sehingga membuat kita minder sendiri setelah menggunakannya, takut salah, ya kan?

Apalagi kalau ketemu moment saat harus menggunakan JUST dan ONLY. Kedua kata ini punya kemiripan dan perbedaan sehingga butuh penguraian KAPAN dan DIMANA sih kitagunakan. Nah, mari kita ulas satu per satu biar tidak membingungkan lagi:


  1. Just berarti adil (Adjective)

Kata just bisa digunakan untuk mengatakan adil atau morally acceptable/fair/reasonable dalam sebuah ungkapan,lihat contoh berikut:

  • a just decision
  • Do you think it is a just law?
  • Of course as a good citizen, we all strive for a just and humane society.
  • The law must be seen to be just.

2. Just berarti pantas (adjective)

Dalam beberapa kondisi, JUST bisa digunakan untuk mengatakan sesuatu itu pantas, lihat contoh berikut:

  • A just reward
  • I think he got his just deserts.
  • They`re complaining for a just wage.
  • The tourists want to stay in a just accomodation.

3. Just berarti only/hanya (adverb)

Adakalanya JUST dan ONLY bisa saling bergantian digunakan (interchangeable) dalam sebuah kalimat karena mengandung makna yang serupa,lihat contoh berikut:

  • There is just one solution for this problem. (tidak ada yang lain)
  • He fly to Jakarta jusr for holiday. (just for something).
  • Students visited the national library just to borrow some books. (just to do something)
  • I just want to see you tonight. (berarti tidak orang lain)

4. Just berarti simply (adverb)

Masih serupa dengan arti hanya seperti penggunaan pada contoh kalimat diatas, lebih jelasnya, lihat contoh berikut:

  • I just want to nap for a moment.
  • He just want to help them.
  • I just think you should make an appointment before visiting him first.
  • We`ll just have to hope for the best.
  • I am just thinking there are risks involved.
  • I am just glad they are ok.
  • I can`t just break all my promisses.
  • This proposal is just not complete enough.
  • I did`t mean to upset you. It is just that I had to tell somebody.
  • This is not just another kind of humor movie,- it`s a masterpiece.
  • Just because you are senior than me doesn`t mean you are capable than me.
  • It`s just kind of happened (informal)
  • If he doesn`t like, that is just too bad.
  • your parents are just so sick of your bad attitudes.
  • He just never give up.

5. Just berarti sedikit / by a small amount (adverb)

Dalam penerapannya lihatlah contoh berikut ini yang saya kutip dari kamus oxford online disini.

  • You`ve just missed her.
  • They just made it, boarding the aircraft minutes before take-off.
  • I only just caught the train.
  • Inflation fell just over 4 %.
  • The painting sold just for under 6 million pound.
  • I got here just after nine.
  • They must got there just before i did.
  • He visited Guetemala just proir to his death.
  • They`re now the largest party, through just short of an overall the majority.

6. Just berarti baru selesai dilakukan / Happened very recently

Penggunaan just yang berhubungan dengan waktu umumnya bisa dipakai untuk mendeskripsikan pekerjaan yang baru saja tuntas, lihat contoh berikut untuk lebih jelas:

  • I`ve just the report.
  • When you come, she had only just left.
  • he has just been describing us how it happened.
  • Just last week the weather was getting cold, and now it`s about 30 degrees celcius.

7. Just berarti baru saja / now: at this or that moment

Hampir serupa dengan penjelasan diatas, untuk lebih detail, cek contoh berikut:

  •  I am just completing assignment.
  • I was doing the housework when you arrived.
  • I`m just off.

8. Just berarti akan terjadi sebentar lagi

Bila hendak ingin mengungkapkan sesuatu yang akan terjadi dan persisnya sebentar lagi, JUST bisa digunakan seperti contoh ini.

  • The cinema is just about to begin.
  • I was just to tell you when you interrupted

9. Just berarti sesuai / exactly

Nah, untuk penjelasan JUST berarti sesuai atau pas, cek beberapa contoh berikut untuk lebih detail:

  • This pair of shoes is just fit my feet size.
  • With parents, everything always has to be just right.
  • They are just in time.
  • My phone just needs recharging.
  • She looks just like her mother.
  • The concert was just what he wanted.
  • The result of IELTS scoring was just as he thought.
  • It`s just on seven

10 Just berarti sama dengan / equal

  • Her shape body is just slim as her sister`s body.
  • You can travel to America as just cheaply by plane.


  1. Only berarti hanya/ no others (adjective)

ONLY dapat digunakan untuk menyatakan bahwa sesuatu itu hanya ada satu, tidak ada yang lain. Lihat contoh berikut:

  1. He`s their only son.
  2. They are the only people here.
  3. Her only response is staring.
  4. I was not the only one  who is enthusiastic about party.
  5. The only way to stop illegal logging is making new law for environment security.
  6. The only reason anna falling out with her parents is misbehaved at school.

2. Only berarti hanya dia seorang atau cuma barang itu saja yang pantas (adjective).

  1. He`s the only person for this position.
  2. Mahogani`s restaurant is the only place to eat when you are staying in UK.

3. Only berarti hanya orang tertentu (adverb)

  1. The party is for members only.
  2. They are second only to Adidas in the sales of sport shoes.

4. Only berarti tidak ditempat atau situasi lain (adverb)

  1. Use pesticides only when necessary.
  2. Anna has phone but uses it only when in emergencies.
  3. Childern from kindergarden can enter the zoo only if accompanied by their teachers.

5. Only berarti tidak terlalu penting (adverb)

  1. I am only a courier.
  2. She was only teasing you.
  3. It was only a suggestion.

6.Only berarti tidak lebih dari (adverb)

  1. I`ve only ever seen them once.
  2. It only took a few minutes.
  3. Each offer valid only for a week.

7. Only berarti tidak sampai pada (adverb)

  1. We only got to this place, Sierra nevada yesterday.
  2. Only then did she realize the stress he was under.
  3. Ancient book was only recently discovered.

8.Only berarti bisa melakukan lebih walau tidak cukup (adverb)

  1. I only can guess what happened.
  2. Anna only hopes that others never find it out.
  3. Pedestrians only can watch helplessly when the tree hit the car.

9. Only berarti akan memperburuk keadaan (adverb)

  1. Still crying, you only get into worse pain.
  2. Arguing him about his misbehave at school only makes him angry even more.

10. Only berarti kecuali / melainkan (Conjunction)

  1. I`d love to watch cinema with you tonight only I have to work.
  2. It tastes like a roated chicken only stronger.

Penggunaan ONLY sebagai Adverb dapat ditukarkan dengan JUST.

Dilain hal penggunaan JUST harus diperhatikan word ordernya karena akan membawa arti yang berbeda. Perhatikan:

  1. I just drink a cup of coffe ( Aku baru saja minum segelas kopi)
  2. I drink just a cup of coffe ( Aku hanya minum segelas kopi)

Sampai disini saja pembahasan kita ya kawan-kawan, semoga bertambah ilmunya.